Research  Ohsabanan

The paper mill at Ohs in 1910. On the track to the left is a 4-wheel wagon from the Helsingborg-Ramlös-Råå Railway (HRRJ).


The society is always doing research into Ohsabanan’s history. There is still a considerable amount that we don’t know, and we are naturally keen to learn more. We have interviewed many of the older generation, and bit by bit we are getting hold of documents from the Mill archives; we have also visited other archives. Photos of trains on Ohsabanan are unfortunately rather rare. We would like to find more old postcards too, as these are also important. There are postcards from Ohs even before the railway was built. Many believe that Ohsabana’s history starts in 1906, but really it started with the ironworks in Ohs back in the 17th. century. Sigfrid Berglund was the engineer who built Ohsabanan, but plans to do so were already being made back in the 1890s. In the Technical Museum in Stockholm Berglund’s life is noted down on just a couple of sheets of paper; he was engineer for the Österströms Railway about 1870-1871, and thereafter on Bergslagen’s Railway. Facts that we dig up are most often checked with an older couple of residents of Ohs. Now and then we also publish parts of the railway’s history in the society’s journal “Rälsbiten” (unfortunately in Swedish only).


The author of these notes, together with Otta Johnsson’s diaries. In the background is the track- ganger’s residence in Elgaryd.